A Complete Guide on Collagen Peptides

For a decade of human history, the last thing we used to do was supplement ourselves with collagen, as our diet used to be loaded with it! However, collagen deficiency has become a massive problem today!

For many, it’s just another day, with another supplement surfacing over the market. But, there’s no denying that the collagen supplement industry has been prospering the last few years – after the dozens of beneficial effects confirmed by the scientific community!

Due to the diverse range of collagen peptides products being used in the market, people often think about whether collagen is worth it. Or are Collagen or Collagen peptides the same?

Well, we have got you covered here! In the guide below, you will surely be able to find the answer to your every Collagen Peptide query!

What is collagen?

Collagen is a polypeptide that comes in handy with several amino acids beneficial for our connective tissue, skin, bone, and an integumentary system like hair and nails.

Mainly, it comprises three amino acids – glycine, hydroxyproline, and proline. Each amino acid enriches collagen with specific chemical and biochemical properties that help it biome the most prevalent protein in the body!

However, you should know that collagen cannot cross the intestinal wall, which makes it ineffective as an oral supplement!


Okay, Well, what are Collagen Peptides?

Collagen Peptide, also known as collagen hydrolysate, is the miniature version of existing collagen and can easily be found in protein powders.

Though a full-length breakdown makes Collagen peptides of existing collagen, they still tend to maintain equal and same amino acid composition!

Contrary to the full-length collagen, these compounds can be easily absorbed by the digestive tract, making it easier for them to travel in the bloodstream and enriching users with constructive and protective benefits!

So, Are Collagen and Collagen peptides the same?

After promising research, the only difference differentiating Collagen from Collagen Peptides is “bioavailability“!

A full-length Collagen can’t simply get absorbed in the digestive tract due to its spatial conformation and length. However, Collagen Peptide is more bioavailable and absorbed in the bloodstream due to its shorter structure!

Other than that, we can say that Yes! Collagen and Collagen peptides are the same!


Let’s have a glimpse of the benefits Collagen Peptide has to offer!

While surveying the internet and looking at all the information, you can get on Collagen peptides, you may think that collagen is some magical powder that comes in handy with a cure for almost everything!

Though the perks Collagen Peptide come with are so versatile that they can’t be put together in one place, however, allow us to introduce you to some of the possible benefits that collagen has to offer!


1.     Promises Long Dense Hair!

Indeed, hair follicle physiology tends to be complex, but it involves multiple factors that come together to ensure the hair’s normal growth! Collagen peptides help hair in these two ways:

  • Provides necessary amino acids for hair synthesis:

Keratin is a crucial component of the hair follicle, and growing long, dense hair demands essential and non-essential amino acids! Fortunately, Collagen Peptide comes in handy with three non-essential amino acids that aid the formation of keratin and hair growth!

Hence, ladies who have always wanted long, dense hair now have a chance to get what they truly desire! Check out this Collagen Peptide from Vital proteins!

  • Prevent hair from oxidative stress:

Besides its viable, constructive properties, collagen is a potent antioxidant compound that prevents hair cells from getting damaged by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals.

Thanks to Collagen Peptide, it keeps you protected from age-associated hair thinning, discoloration, and hair loss!

Pay a visit to this Collagen Peptide by NeoCell to find out more!


2.     A secret ingredient to healthy skin!

Every woman is overprotective regarding their skin, and Collagen Peptides are undoubtedly the secret they need! As the human body ages, collagen production minimizes, eventually leading to hydration and elasticity problems, resulting in skin dehydration and wrinkles.

However, according to a study in 2013, researchers analyzed that the consumption of Collagen peptides can reduce skin problems in half and keep the ladies’ skin as good as young and new!


This Collagen Peptide by Orgain is undoubtedly the top priority for many ladies!

3.     Get perfect nails with Collagen Peptide!

Nails are the extra beauty element that makes women stand out from the crowd. Hence, they can’t simply afford ragged nails, contains rough surfaces, and get peeled off easily!

Well, Collagen Peptide is here for the rescue! According to a study, only a 2.5 gram of Collagen Peptide a day can show a 12% improvement in nail growth and a 42% reduction in getting broken nails!

That said, every lady needs to pay a visit to this Physician’s choice Collagen Peptide!

4.     Plays an influential role in the digestive system!

Bloating is one of the common digestive problems that many ladies experience in their everyday life. If you are one of those, Collagen Peptide has indeed covered you!

Research states that consuming 20 grams of Collagen Peptide supplement daily can improve mild digestive symptoms and reduce digestion problems like bloating in female bodies!

Hence, it’s about time to say goodbye to all dietary and lifestyle interventions and give a boost to your digestion with Collagen Peptide!


5.     Improves Bone health!

Last but not least, Collagen Peptide plays an influential role in improving bone health. Many ladies might feel pain in their joints and bones – there can be many reasons for this!

However, Collagen Peptide influences bone cell metabolism at multiple levels and promotes the bone remodeling process while ensuring they maintain their strength at an optimal level!

Wrapping it up!

There is no doubt that today’s market is home to a wide range of supplements that many ladies purchase to get a healthier and better lifestyle!

However, this masterpiece’s perks are worth every penny when it comes to Collagen Peptide supplements!

The guide above contains everything you might need to know about Collagen peptides!

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