How to balance oily skin


Oily skin is a serious problem for many people and too often it’s considered the lowest common denominator.

However, it can be both a blessing and a curse because it provides a natural layer of protection against bacteria, viruses, and other germs.

But when sebum levels get too high, oily skin can get problematic. Especially during summers and humidity, it flares up. The sebum and oily glands in your skin produce an excess of oil in all the wrong areas of your face resulting in blackheads, acne, and clogged pores.

According to the dermatologist in New York City functioning of these glands depends upon the hormones, external applications, and clinical diseases like acne or eczema.

Just like these skin diseases, oily skin is a treatable condition.

You can now get rid of that greasy look and keep your skin healthy and clear with a simple step of balancing your daily routine.

Because, in reality, nobody wants that sticky/oily layer covering every inch of their face.

Cleanse your face

One of the most critical steps in your daily skincare routine is cleansing. It’s the first step to getting rid of impurities and sebum. It’s also an essential step to restoring your skin’s pH balance. But what if you want to cleanse your skin without using any harsh chemicals? You’re not alone!

There are products available on the market that cleanses your skin without breaking out or drying it out. These face cleansers are formulated with a combination of salicylic acid to treat acne, reduce oil and promote cell turnover.

Ceramides maintain your skin’s natural barrier and hyaluronic acid hydrates and moisturizes the skin—as well as niacinamide (vitamin B3) and vitamin D, which are known for their antioxidant properties.

Cleanse your face with this gentle formula that will leave behind hydrated, nourished, oil-free clearer, and brighter-looking skin while protecting against free radical damage from environmental pollutants.

Use Exfoliator

Exfoliators are a popular skincare product that contains ingredients to help shed dead skin cells and slough away excess oils.

But manually exfoliating with a scrub can be too abrasive for sensitive skin; this is where gentler exfoliators come in. A gentle non-abrasive leave-on exfoliator is a product that contains 2% BHA beta hydroxy acid to unclog and diminish enlarged pores, exfoliate dead cells, and remove built-up oil from pores.

If you have sensitive skin, make sure you look for an exfoliator that is gentle enough to use without irritating your skin. It should also be fragrance-free because some people are allergic or intolerant to fragrances.

Apply Serum

Face serum boosts your skin’s collagen production, keeping it firm and supple. Your skin will look more luminous and vibrant if you use a serum.

The Ordinary Retinol 0.5% in Squalane is a fast-acting retinoid that reduces the appearance of fine lines and boosts skin’s firmness. This lightweight formula contains time-released Retinol to help soften signs of aging while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Also improves skin texture and tone. This product is vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.

Moisturize Regularly

Oily skin needs moisturizer to look its best. Opt for a moisturizer that hydrates, nourishes, and treats acne-prone skin. Look no further than Cetaphil mattifying acne face moisturizer.

This Cetaphil face moisturizer is formulated with 0.5% salicylic acid to help clear up breakouts and keep your skin hydrated and healthy looking. It’s also gentle enough for sensitive skin, so you can feel good about using it every day.

Even if you have oily skin, moisturizer is still necessary to keep your skin hydrated. Plus, it comes in a convenient bottle, so you can get the perfect amount of product every time.

Don’t let oily skin take over your life – try Cetaphil face moisturizer.

Non-Greasy Sunscreen

It is important to protect skin against UV radiation and we believe in making sun protection simple, easy and effective. The newest innovation, Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield is the first of its kind to provide a shield against harmful UVA/UVB rays while delivering skin-nourishing antioxidants and anti-aging properties.

This potent antioxidant-rich formula with 100% mineral active ingredients provides broad spectrum SPF 50+/PA+++ protection with water and sweat resistance. The lightweight matte finish glides on smoothly for a look that lasts all day.


If you’re struggling with oily skin, we have mentioned the right products for you. These products are gentle enough for the daily routine so you can keep your skin looking and feeling at its best.

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