NuFace Mini Starter Kit- A treatment for fine lines and wrinkles


If you have fine lines and wrinkles on your face and want to improve your tone, NuFace Trinity is the best option available for you.

We are sure that you have tried many other treatments. You might have gone for Botox, but the NuFace is one solution to all problems. It is a micro-current device that the FDA also approves. The NuFace works by delivering a small amount of current to the face that helps to lift and control facial muscles. It will also reduce fine lines and wrinkles on your face. It can even help to lift the eyebrows and can shape your cheekbones. Isn’t it amazing?

The co-founder of NuFace is Tera Peterson. He and his team are known for making fantastic beauty products that can be used at home.

What Is It?

NuFace is a device that helps to contour, lift, and tone the facial muscles. It can also help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by delivering a small amount of current.

What Makes It Special?

  • The FDA and the Aesthetician have both approved of it.
  • Take only 5 minutes a day. If you use it five days a week, then it will provide better results.
  • Microcurrent is produced that covers most of the area of your face, and fine lines and wrinkles will disappear.

Does NuFace do anything?

According to science, microcurrent therapy is an effective way to treat these. The microcurrent helps to stimulate muscles that will eventually help to lift the skin. According to dermatologist Tracy Evan, it is safeand could help remove wrinkles, like botox treatment. Nuface also helps improve the skin’s elasticity and regenerate dead skin cells. Crey Hartman, founder of skin wellness and dermatologist, says, “I would recommend this device to my patients to boost the treatment on their skin.”

Dr Evan added that although it is not a replacement for Botox, it can help enhance your appearance and the best time to use it is at night.

How to use the NUFACE Mini Kit?

It is straightforward to use this device, and you can use it by reading instructions or watching online videos. You can also watch one-on-one lessons to get better results. You have to press metal nodes to the skin. It will activate the microcurrent. Gel primer also helps to get microcurrent deep into the muscles.

It is a lightweight device, so anyone can comfortably hold it. When you hear a beep, you have to move to the next area, and all the treatment will go very smoothly with the help of gel primer. Start the treatment from the neck as recommended by Peterson, then move to the back of the neck, go to the cheeks, and lastly, go to the forehead.

Are NuFace results permanent?

According to a team of NuFace, you have to use it five days a week for two months. If you want to maintain results,you can use it three times a week. Consistency is the key to your glowing and wrinkle-free skin if you want better results.

Is NuFace mini worth it?

NuFace is available on Amazon for $147. The device brings the feeling of self-care and works like a massage. According to its co-founder, NuFace mini kit is the best for those who want to free their face from wrinkles and fine lines. This is the device that will grow with you. You will see results within a week and say it is worth the investment.  

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